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Jeff Swearingen and Natalie Young in ATL's production of "Raspberry Fizz" at the Out of the Loop Festival

Raspberry Fizz

2 M, 1 F | comedy | one-act

Ellson is 11 years old. He wants to ask Samantha out to the harvest dance. It is not as easy as he would like it to be. Hey, what's with that strange carnival barker on the corner with the mysterious sideshow bally?

Raspberry Fizz is an exploration of expectations and the potentialities of the future tied up in a tender and humorous slice-of-life coming-of-age encounter between two adolescents in 1949, in small town America.

Developed through Audacity Theatre Lab (Dallas, TX), the Out of the Loop Festival at Water Tower Theatre (Addison, TX) and the Houston Fringe Festival (Houston, TX).

Watch a clip of this show... HERE

This play has been published. To purchase a copy click... HERE

Travis Stuebing and Tashina Richardson in ATL's production of "Raspberry Fizz" at the Margo Jones Theatre 2013
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