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Part of what I love about being a creator is the chance to wear different hats. While this site serves as a portfolio specific to my work as a playwright, I am a restless instigator. I like to pursue all sorts of different projects. I create webcomics, podcasts, videos, artwork, websites, t-shirt designs, picture books and so on. Here's a few of these...

In 2018, I started a podcast called The Cultivated Playwright. The aim has been to explore performing arts, culture and the general concept of refinement from the perspective of a mid-career theatre maker trying to figure stuff out.

The Ongoing Saga of J. Herbin is my effort to create a sort of minimalist webcomic. The idea was to have the main character completely passive and all other characters exist only off-frame. This is sort of an anti-comic.

I am part of a narrative long-form improv duo with my good friend and artistic colleague Jeff Swearingen. We call ourselves Fun Grip and perform on a semi-regular basis.

I created a website dedicated to the field of one-person theatre shows. It is called The Solo Performer. I don't update it often, but leave it up as an archive of interviews, tips and info.

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