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Brad McEntire as Robot and Jeff Swearingen as Dinosaur in Audacity Theatre Lab's production of "Dinosaur and Robot Stop a Train"
RobertLinder as robot and Janelle Schroeder as Dinosaur in Sundown Collective's production of "Dinosaur and Robot Stop a Train"

Dinosaur and Robot Stop a Train

2M or 2F (or variation) | comedy | one-act

A press conference is held. A robot from the future and a dinosaur from the past address their experiences of being rudely sucked through time and space to our present, what they plan to do now that they seem to be stuck in the 21st Century and most importantly how they may have saved a little girl who had been stupidly playing in the path of a speeding train. Did she survive? Are the Robot and the Dinosaur really there? Could they go into business together to start an ice cream company?

Dinosaur and Robot Stop a Train is a contemporary take on the Theatre of the Absurd from the 1950s with its broad goofy comedy, mixture of the horrific and tragic with touches of vaudeville, characters caught in hopeless or confusing situations, dialogue full of nonsensical wordplay and repetition as well as just flat-out parody or dismissal of realism. The piece has built into it opportunities for the actors to improvise and incorporate the audience.

Developed through the support of Audacity Theatre Lab (Dallas, TX), the Festival of Independent Theatres, and Sundown Collective (Denton, TX).

This play has been published. To purchase a copy click... HERE

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